Alberta premier looking to federal government for ‘safe and secure’ refugee plan

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EDMONTON – All of Alberta’s party leaders shared condolences with the victims of the attacks in Paris and their families during Question Period Monday.

Premier Rachel Notley said Alberta stands in solidarity with the victims, their friends and loved ones following the “deeply shocking events” she condemned as “despicable, shameful and evil acts.”

She said Canadians and Albertans stand together with those around the world against terrorism.



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“These are the acts of people who have lost touch with all humanity, including their own,” said Notley.

She said the hundreds of thousands of children, women and men fleeing Syrian “are fleeing from acts like these. They too are innocents. And these children, these families, need our help.”

During the election, then-Liberal leader Justin Trudeau promised that his government would bring 25,000 Syrian refugees to Canada by the end of 2015. Though refugee advocates applauded the idea of vastly increasing Canada’s intake of Syrian refugees, they wondered if the timeline is a bit too tight.

For decades, Alberta has welcomed people from all over the world, the premier said, adding those people have contributed to the community, culture and shared prosperity.

“Bringing refugees to Canada must be done in a safe and secure way that protects Alberta families as well as those fleeing violence abroad,” Notley said.

“We look to the federal government to assure Canadians that this will be done and we will then do our part to ensure these families find sanctuary here.”

She said Albertans need to reach out, adding her view is more similar to those expressed by the Ontario and Quebec governments than those of Saskatchewan’s premier.

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“We need to move forward on the basis of humanity, not on the basis of fear.”

During his opening remarks, Wildrose leader Brian Jean said Albertans stand with the people of France and Lebanon following the “savage and cowardly attack…an attack driven by ideological evil and hatred.”

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“In the wake of this tragedy, Canada must continue to be an ally in this fight. We must avoid any temptation to retreat,” Jean said.

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He also spoke to the issue of accepting refugees.

“As a province and as a country, yes, let’s remain committed to welcoming the true victims fleeing this evil in Syria and Iraq, but let’s remember to be vigilant.

“As Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall said earlier today, let’s not be guided by rushed quotas and deadlines but by ensuring the safety of Canadians as our paramount consideration.”

Jean said the primary job of government is to protect the people it represents.

Alberta Party leader Greg Clark also spoke on the issue and said how difficult it was explaining the attacks to his young children.

“The moment we close our doors, the moment we close our hearts and our minds, that’s when the tyrants win.”

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