B.C. man who molested his quadriplegic stepson extradited to U.S. to face charges

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A B.C. man who was convicted of molesting his quadriplegic stepson in 2009 has now been extradited to the U.S. to face those charges.

Convicted sex offender George Ross Wilcox, 57, faced trial in Pima Country, Arizona, in 2009, for four counts of sexual interference committed against his brain-injured quadriplegic stepson.

He failed to appear and was convicted in absentia of two counts of sexual interference.

A warrant was issued for his arrest in Arizona and in 2011, Wilcox’s story was featured on America’s Most Wanted.


In October, 2009, the Delta Police Department became aware that Wilcox, who is Canadian, may have returned to Canada. In 2012, he was finally arrested and remained in custody while his lawyer argued his extradition.

However, this summer, Wilcox’s extradition was ordered and on Friday, Nov. 13, he was released into custody of the US Marshall Service.

“It is seldom that we have the opportunity to be involved in an international file that we can follow to completion after multiple years,” said Chief Cst. Neil Dubord with Delta Police. “The successful conclusion of our part in this investigation is a reflection of the tenacity and diligence of the investigating officers to ensure Mr. Wilcox will finally be held accountable for his crimes.”

Wilcox was wanted on two further counts of sexual conduct with a minor under fifteen, as well as for sentencing on the previous two convictions. In Arizona, sexual crimes against minors under fifteen carry maximum sentences of up to 27 years.


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