Canada to deploy more ground troops to train Iraqi forces in fight against ISIS: Trudeau

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Canada will deploy additional soldiers in the fight against ISIS.

In the wake of the Paris attacks, Trudeau has come under fire for sticking to his plan to withdraw Canadian CF-18 fighter jets, which are currently part of the coalition force bombing ISIS targets.


Speaking to reporters while flying from Turkey to Manila to attend the APEC summit, Trudeau said Canada is ready to bolster the number of Canadian troops currently stationed in Iraq, training local forces to join the battle against ISIS.

“I’ve committed repeatedly to my allies that we were going to do more on the training front and that means obviously more than 69 trainers,” Trudeau said.

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Trudeau also addressed mounting concerns about his government’s plans to bring 25,000 Syrian refugees to Canada by January 1st.

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall says such a tight deadline could undermine security screening procedures. But the Prime Minister repeated the deadline is firm, and he promises security will not be compromised.

“Security has always been at the very core of what we are planning to do with refugees,” Trudeau told reporters accompanying him on his government jet.

At the G-20 summit, Trudeau got his first chance to meet face to face with US President Barack Obama. But the two leaders are planning a lengthier get-together in Manila at the APEC summit. For Trudeau, it will be a chance to discuss many topics, like a continental energy strategy and how to ensure the upcoming climate change talks in Paris are successful.

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“It’s important to push strongly on some of the more recalcitrant countries who don’t seem to be as ambitious in their approaches to climate change.”

Trudeau says when he spoke to Obama by phone after winning the election, he pointed out there may be an advantage to having one politician nearing the end of his tenure, while the other is just starting out.

“His focus on getting big things done in his final year looking at legacy dovetails nicely with my desire to get big things done off the bat in my first year, to set the tone for coming years,” said Trudeau.

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