City of Saskatoon poised for balanced budget

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SASKATOON – Despite deficits in its new parking system, low electricity revenue and an aggressive street-sweeping effort, the City of Saskatoon is on pace to balance its budget, according to a city staff report. The city’s third-quarter results improved from the second-quarter report that projected a $1.2 million-dollar deficit this year.

Low fuel costs and favourable weather during the construction season helped save money. Any other shortfalls will be offset by cash reserves and cost-cutting measures, according to city officials.



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The report was included in the agenda for the city’s executive committee Monday.

The committee also received the results of its online Citizen Budget tool – a website that allowed residents to set their own civic priorities and see how those decisions would influence the budget.

Over 1,300 people visited the website, with 284 submitting their own budget. Respondents showed willingness to spend more money on things like road maintenance, along with snow and ice management.

Results showed some participants were willing to reduce investments in police and community grants, along with affordable housing.


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