“I really didn’t expect he was going to punch me.” Father and son assaulted while cycling – Halifax

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HALIFAX – Jesse Williams is sporting a black eye today after he and his 64-year-old father Peter Williams were assaulted while cycling on Old Sambro Road Sunday morning.

“It took me completely off guard that somebody would feel that an incident in traffic would merit jumping out of their car and punching me in the face,” Jesse told Global News on Monday.

Halifax Regional Police say the cyclists were heading down the road when a vehicle passed them near West Pennant Road. Peter says the vehicle passed too close to his son Jesse, that’s when Jesse gave the driver a hand gesture and things started to get out of control.

“The driver proceeded to slam his brakes on in front of us almost causing my son to crash into him. Where upon the driver jumped out and proceeded to assault us,” Peter said.

The driver first punched Jesse in the face and then punched Peter. He then took off before returning to the scene to wait for police.

Jesse Williams is pictured here with an injury to his right eye and cheek moments after being punched in the face on Sunday.

Courtesy of Jesse Williams


The 50-year-old male driver has been charged with two counts of assault in relation to the incident, and is scheduled to appear in court at a later date.

A change in attitude

“I was really scared. He knocked me to the ground,” said Peter.

“I really didn’t expect he was going to punch me…and he did,” Jesse said. “I feel a bit rattled.”

The pair suffered minor injuries in the assault, but the ordeal has left them both feeling shaken.

Peter is a cycling enthusiast, he and his son ride the Sambro loop often, but says they won’t anymore.

“Honestly I am afraid to ride Sambro Road right now. I don’t know if I will go back to riding there. I really don’t know what to do. So yes, as of today it’s changed the way I feel about cycling in HRM,” said Peter.


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