B.C. food banks struggling to keep up with demand like the rest of the country

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A national study on food bank use finds more and more Canadians are once again turning to the service to get by.

But how does British Columbia fare compared to the rest of the country?

To understand the growing hunger issue in Canada, one has to look at the history of the Greater Vancouver Food Bank. It was set up in 1982 as a temporarily relief to the hunger crisis. At the time they served about 200 members a week, but the need is still growing.

“The number of people we support these days could fill Rogers Arena 1.5 times every single week,” Ariela Friedmann with Greater Vancouver Food Bank told Global News.

But the Greater Vancouver Food Bank is not alone. Food Banks Canada has just released a new report called “HungerCount” and the numbers are painting a bleak picture.

WATCH: Executive director of Food Banks Canada – there is enough food in this country to feed everybody


The report found that this past March, 852,137 people visited a food bank, up just over one per cent from the 841,191 recorded in 2014, but still below the 10-year high of 872,379 recorded in 2013.

The report this year found that almost 36 per cent of users, or about 305,000, were children. That’s equivalent to about 4,260 yellow school buses filled to their 72-seat capacity.

The report also highlights how food banks have evolved over time. They now provide services that go beyond the simple provisions of food.

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At the Greater Vancouver food bank, for example, they aid with community kitchens.

“We support 94 agencies in the community,” says Friedmann. “We provide the food to the community kitchens and train community kitchen leaders on how to take simple ingredients to make a good nutritious home cooked meal.”

Food Banks Canada is using the report to renew its push for the federal and provincial governments to do away with the social assistance programs. The group wants to see the existing bureaucracies that oversee social benefits, such as disability payments, instead funnel all the savings into tax measures that would put more money into the hands of low-income earners.

Food bank use in Canada by the numbers

A by-the-numbers look at food bank use from the Food Banks Canada HungerCount 2015 report:

852,137: people who received food from a food bank in March 2015.

78,693: people who accessed a food bank for the first time in March 2015.

5 per cent: Families using foodbanks who are homeless.

67 per cent: Food bank users who live in rental housing and pay market rents.

7 per cent: Food bank users who own their home.

35.8 per cent: Food bank users who are children.

16 per cent: Food bank users who are First Nations, Metis, or Inuit.

10 per cent: Food bank users who are immigrants or refugees who arrived in Canada in the past 10 years.

4,395,601: Meals and snacks provided annually through soup kitchens, shelters, school breakfast programs and other initiatives.

How British Columbians can help

The Greater Vancouver Food Bank accepts both cash and food donations.

Money can be donated online, by mail, over the phone and in person. For more information, go here.

Food donations are accepted at the food bank’s warehouse at 1150 Raymur Avenue in Vancouver. It is open Monday to Friday between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m.

You can also drop off non-perishable food items at participating grocery stores in Vancouver, Burnaby and the North Shore. For more information, go here.

With files from Grace Ke and the Canadian Press

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Publication ban overturned in case of Calgary parents charged in infant’s death

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CALGARY – A publication ban against naming two Calgary parents charged in the death of their infant child has been overturned.

Jeromie and Jennifer Clark are charged with criminal negligence and failing to provide necessities of life for their infant son, John, who died in 2013 when he was 14 months old.



  • Preliminary hearing set for Calgary parents charged in baby’s death

  • Calgary parents charged in baby’s death granted bail

In recent weeks, media outlets have been prevented from reporting on the case including the names of the accused and the charges they faced after a publication ban was granted at the request of defence lawyer Pat Fagan.

Global News was among four media outlets who applied to remove the ban. In a written decision handed down Tuesday, Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Jo’Anne Strekaf ruled that Provincial Court Judge Mark Tyndale made an “error of jurisdiction” in granting the ban.

Justice Strekaf found that Fagan did not have standing to represent the interests of the victim in the case and there was no evidence presented explaining how publishing the name of the victim or the accused “might be weighed against the deleterious effects of the ban on the free expression of those affected by the ban.”

A publication ban related to the content of the preliminary inquiry remains in place.

READ MORE: Calgary parents charged in baby’s death granted bail

The Clarks have been ordered to stand trial in the case.

Police previously said the Clarks’ child died one day after being brought to hospital suffering from a staph infection that wasn’t treatable due to complications from malnutrition.
Investigators have said the family has strict dietary restrictions based on their faith and nutritional beliefs.

“We have no indication that he (the infant) had seen a doctor since his birth and the child was not born in hospital,” Staff Sgt. Doug Andrus said last December.

“The family took steps to conceal his condition from family members. And it was only after the realization by a family member that the infant was sick [that] they were advised to take him to hospital.”

READ MORE: Strict religious diet cause of Calgary infant’s death, parents charged


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Calgary couple wakes to find man with scissors in their living room

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CALGARY – Police have charged a 40-year-old man they describe as a “prolific break and enter suspect” a day after a couple awoke to find a man wielding scissors in their home.

A married couple was asleep in an apartment in the 800 block of 8 Avenue S.W. just before midnight on Monday, when suspicious noises woke them up. The husband found a man had broken into his home and was in his living room with a pair of scissors. The husband called the police, the man aimed the scissors at the homeowners, and then fled the apartment.

The suspect was found nearby and was taken into custody. At that time, police found break and enter “tools” including key fobs, key cards and house keys.

Steven John Klaric was charged with break and enter to commit an offence, and possession of break-in instruments and is set to appear in court Wednesday.

Police suggest the following tips for Calgarians to help prevent break and enters, property and vehicle theft:

Lock vehicle, garage and house doors, even if you’re nearby or only leaving for a short period of time;Don’t leave vehicles unattended with the keys inside, and make sure spare keys are kept in a secure location—not in or around your vehicle;Hide or remove valuables, including garage door openers, from your vehicle so they’re not visible to people walking by;Secure your vehicle if you need to leave it running by either locking the doors or using a steering wheel lock so it can’t be driven easily;Report any suspicious activity to police immediately at 403-266-1234, or 911 if a crime is in progress.


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Quebec, Belgium sign deal to fight threat of radicalism

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QUEBEC CITY – The Quebec government signed a deal with Belgium Tuesday that will see a collaboration in the fight against radicalism.

READ MORE: How schools around the world are talking to kids about Paris attacks

The arrangement was in the planning stages for months, but took on new meaning following Friday’s violent attacks in Paris.

WATCH: Paris under attack

Parisian father soothes frightened son at attack site memorial


Parisian father soothes frightened son at attack site memorial


UN warns against scapegoating refugees following Paris attacks


How to talk to your kid about the Paris attacks


France promises new laws after Paris attacks


Paris events prompt questions about Canada’s refugee policy


Paris attacks change agenda for G20


Can Trudeau keep his foreign policy promises after Paris attacks?

Former Public Security Minister Lise Theriault visited several European countries last spring to learn about their efforts to fight radicalization.

An agreement has been reached between Quebec to fight radicalism, Tuesday, November 17, 2015.

Jean-Vincent Verville/Global News

READ MORE: Charlie Hebdo responds to Paris attacks: ‘We have champagne!’

The two governments hope that they will be able to learn from each other’s best practices.



  • How schools around the world are talking to kids about Paris attacks

  • Charlie Hebdo responds to Paris attacks: ‘We have champagne!’

  • Canadian may have voiced ISIS recording on Paris attacks: Experts


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Nova Scotia confident Ottawa will handle security concerns around refugee plan

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HALIFAX – Nova Scotia’s premier said he doesn’t want to pre-judge whether Ottawa should pull back from a plan to bring 25,000 Syrian refugees into Canada by the end of the year.

Ottawa is responsible for handling any security concerns that arise from its screening process of refugees, according to Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil. Nova Scotia remains ready to proceed with welcoming newcomers once it’s determined how that will happen.


READ MORE: Should Canada stop bringing in Syrian refugees because of the Paris attacks? Experts say no.

McNeil expects many of those concerns will be addressed in a federal-provincial meeting on Monday. He made the comments following the release of a letter by Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall who says the refugee plan may pose a threat to Canadian security.

“Its important that we go and meet with the federal government to identify actually what procedures and protocols have been put in place before I pre-judge what’s taken place,” he said.

READ MORE: Halifax refugee advocates aim to defuse anti-refugee sentiment following Paris attacks

On Tuesday, the Nova Scotia Immigration Department unveiled more information about its plan to settle the refugees.

The province’s 211 service line will be used to catalogue the offers of help from Nova Scotians. At a Tuesday briefing, officials said operators at the toll-free number will keep track of who is offering help, what the help is and where the person is located, so the government can draw on the help when it’s needed.

Immigration Minister Lena Diab says individuals or businesses should call the line with any offers of clothing, food,
lodging or financial donations. The greatest need is for volunteers and cash donations, explained Gerry Mills, director of operations at the Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia (ISANS).

“If we have two hundred people arriving at the airport we need some people, we need some volunteers at the airport,” Mills said. “There’s going to be little children running around, we need some people there. And all the way through the process …there will be a need for volunteers.”

Halifax will welcome first refugees

Once refugees arrive in Nova Scotia, the goal will be to settle them in permanent housing within two weeks, said Mills.

For the most part, the first refugees will be settled Halifax. There’s enough housing in the municipality for between 600 and 700 refugees to be resettled very quickly, according to Mills.

Nova Scotia doesn’t yet know how many refugees will be resettled in the province but Mills said it’s likely half of them will be children and youth. Because of that, special attention is being put to ensuring programs and services are in place for children and youth.

Community meetings will also be held in neighbourhoods where refugees will be resettled, according to department officials.

The goal in those meetings will be to make sure residents have all the information they need and can have any questions answered. However, officials said they also want to hear from residents in the community about what the refugees should know about the neighbourhood.

With files from

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WATCH: Father soothes frightened son at Paris attack site memorial

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In a touching moment captured by news cameras for French TV show Le Petit Journal, a young boy spoke about the terror attacks that claimed the lives of 129 people in Paris.

In the segment, the unnamed boy’s father is seen lighting a candle at the memorial at the Place de la République on Monday and telling his son, “This is for all the people who are gone.”


The father tells the reporter that it was important for him to bring his son to the memorial because they are immigrants, but French at heart. He wanted his son to know what had happened and be proud to be French.

The reporter asks the boy if he understands what has happened and why terrorists attacked.

Son: Yes, because they’re very, very, very mean. The bad guys aren’t very nice. And we really have to be careful because we have to change homes.

Father: No, don’t worry, we don’t have to change homes. France is our home.

Son: But there are bad guys, Daddy.

Father: Yes, but there are bad guys everywhere.

Son: They have guns, they can shoot at us because they have guns and are bad, Daddy.

Father: Well, they have guns, but we have flowers.

Son: But flowers don’t do anything. They’re for…

Father: Of course they do. See how everyone is putting flowers? They’re to fight against the guns.

Son: Are they there to protect? And the candles too?

Father: It’s to not forget those who left us yesterday.

Son: The flowers and the candles, they’re there to protect us.

Reporter: So are you feeling better?

Son: Yup. I’m feeling better.

The clip, showing the child processing the events and the father’s gentle parenting, has been seen over 12.7 million times on Facebook.

In another interview, an emotional nine-year-old girl tells the reporter that she asked her mother to come to the memorial to see what had happened. Breaking into tears, she says, “I don’t like when there is war. I would really like for this to stop.”


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Jury dismissed in ‘Scud Stud’ defamation trial over ‘inappropriate’ remarks

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CALGARY – A defamation trial involving a former television war correspondent is going ahead in front of a judge alone after the jury was dismissed over an opening statement deemed too prejudicial.

Justice Jo’Anne Strekaf said Arthur’s Kent’s lawyer made a number of inappropriate remarks as the trial began Monday and it would be unfair to continue after what the jurors heard.



  • ‘Scud Stud’ defamation trial opens in Calgary

“Given the number of inappropriate statements and the serious nature of many of those statements … and the difficulty of overcoming the damage caused by the statements, I have concluded that it would not be possible to correct the damage done to trial fairness,” Strekaf said Tuesday.

“As a result it would be unfair to the defendants in this case to proceed before this jury.”

Kent, 61, is suing Postmedia, the National Post and former columnist Don Martin over a column that ran when Kent was campaigning to win a seat in Calgary for the Progressive Conservatives in the 2008 provincial election.

READ MORE: ‘Scud Stud’ defamation trial opens in Calgary

The Alberta-born Kent acquired the nickname “Scud Stud” when he reported for NBC during the 1991 Persian Gulf War often going live as Iraqi Scud missiles were launched into Saudi Arabia.

He was narrowly defeated in the election after a campaign in which a piece by Martin appeared under the headline “Alberta’s ‘Scud Stud’ a ‘Dud’ On Campaign Trail.”

Opening statements allow lawyers to lay out arguments they intend to prove during the trial. They are often referred to as a road map for a judge or jury.

Kent’s lawyer characterized the column as a “false article” that failed to meet even “ordinary journalistic standards.”

“You’ll come to learn that the news report did intend to harm. It was not in accordance with the rules of responsible journalism,” lawyer Kent Jesse told the jury. “Not only did the defendants publish an article that was unfair, hurtful … but they did so with malicious intent.”

Jesse said Martin “asked only for dirt” from his sources.

“The malicious intent, apparent in the news report, was adopted and condoned by the newspaper, who published the news report not just on that day and not just in the one newspaper, but other newspapers and numerous websites.”

Postmedia lawyers immediately demanded a mistrial. They said Jesse impugned the reputation of Martin by claiming he had written the column maliciously and that Postmedia had known it was inaccurate and kept it online for five years.

The judge agreed that rather than telling the jury what he intended to prove, Jesse was presenting statements as fact.

“I did not find that this was a mistrial,” Strekaf ruled. “I simply reached a conclusion that in the circumstances it would be inappropriate to proceed before this jury.”

She added: “I am mindful that it’s a legitimate concern that an attempt to identify for the jury that many specific portions of the opening statement that are problematic would re-emphasize the issue in their minds and could exacerbate the problem.”

Kent indicated that he would be willing to go ahead with only a judge. Postmedia lawyers agreed.

The column, which was published in several newspapers that were part of what was then the CanWest chain, described Kent as “a hunky bear-witness reporter” who “got female hearts pumping.”

It suggested the Kent campaign was in complete disarray, that the candidate was not co-operating with the provincial PC party and that a number of key campaign members were threatening to quit in protest. It included information and quotes from unidentified party members.


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Fire destroys workshop full of vintage tractors near Rimbey

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EDMONTON – An inferno fueled by exploding propane tanks and high winds lit up the sky Monday night on a rural property about 16 kilometres west of Rimbey.

Around 9 p.m. fire crews, EMS and RCMP from the central Alberta town were called to a property near Highway 53 and Range Road 35.

They arrived to find a 80 by 50 foot steel workshop on fire. Several propane bottles in the shop exploded, sending out balls of fire and loud bangs. Inside the shop there was also a truck with a 100 gallon fuel tank.

A shop full of vintage tractors was destroyed by fire on a rural central Alberta property west of Rimbey, Alta. November 16, 2015.

Rimbey Fire Chief John Weisgerber said working around the large metal building was a challenge for the crew of about a dozen volunteer firefighters.

High winds spread the embers, causing the fire to quickly consume the building. A large collection of vintage tractors that the owner had been in the process of restoring was destroyed. Welding equipment, tires and other machinery was also lost.

Fire crews were able to prevent a nearby house and mobile home from being burnt down, however the siding on one of the homes was damaged.

RCMP said the property owners were inside their house when the fire started, and were alerted to it when their dogs started barking.

A water tanker manned by two firefighters was also brought in from Ponoka to help fight the fire, which was put out Tuesday around 1:30 a.m.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

More to come…

A shop full of vintage tractors was destroyed by fire on a rural central Alberta property west of Rimbey, Alta. November 16, 2015.

A shop full of vintage tractors was destroyed by fire on a rural central Alberta property west of Rimbey, Alta. November 16, 2015.

A shop full of vintage tractors was destroyed by fire on a rural central Alberta property west of Rimbey, Alta. November 16, 2015.

Courtesy: Scotty Aitken

A shop full of vintage tractors was destroyed by fire on a rural central Alberta property west of Rimbey, Alta. November 16, 2015.

A shop full of vintage tractors was destroyed by fire on a rural central Alberta property west of Rimbey, Alta. November 16, 2015.



  • Rimbey home destroyed by fire

  • Man’s death near Rimbey ruled a homicide; suspect found dead

  • Funeral held for boys killed in Rimbey crash

    Farm safety program held at rural school following central Alberta farm fatalities


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More than a game: France, England soccer teams unite in defiance, respect

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LONDON – Uniting in a symbol of defiance and respect, fans and players of the French and English soccer teams delivered a moving display of solidarity at Wembley Stadium at a friendly staged four days after the deadly attacks in Paris.

A touching pre-game ceremony saw England and France supporters sing the French national anthem as one, before the squads came together around the centre circle to observe impeccably a minute’s silence in honour of the 129 people killed.


Social media was awash with praise for the dignified way a sensitive occasion was handled. Wembley’s iconic arch was lit up in the blue, white, and red of the French flag, while the French motto “Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite” was projected on the front of the national stadium.

“We have been welcomed here like it’s our own home,” Sebastien Correia, a train driver from Calais who was attending the game with nine friends, told The Associated Press before kickoff. “That’s very important for us, for Europe, and for the world, for all the people who are fighting against dictatorships and terrorism. We need solidarity on a European and a world level.”

Prince William, who helped lay floral tributes beside the field, and British Prime Minister David Cameron were among the near-80,000 spectators at Wembley, where there was an increased police presence and enhanced security measures that included compulsory bag searches.

READ MORE: German official says no explosives found at Hannover soccer stadium

With a police helicopter whirring overhead and armed officers on patrol, England and France soccer fans had mingled outside Wembley in a calm atmosphere on a wet and windy evening in London. There was no sense of panic among supporters, who appeared intent on sending a defiant message of unity after the bombings in the French capital.

“Tonight is more about solidarity than football,” said England fan Robert Williams, who was wearing a beret and holding a French flag. “It is about remembering the people that have lost their lives in such tragic circumstances.”

France’s players were caught up in the attacks that ripped through Paris in several locations on Friday. Suicide bombers attacked the Stade de France, where France was playing Germany in a friendly. The teams spent the night in the stadium as carnage struck elsewhere.

France midfielder Lassana Diarra’s cousin was killed and France forward Antoine Griezmann’s sister escaped from the Bataclan concert hall where 89 people died. Diarra and Griezmann were among the 23-man squad that came to London, and both came on as second-half substitutes.

Diarra lowered his head during the minute’s silence. Many France players looked emotional.

Worldwide focus was not on the game or the result between two of the major powers in European soccer, but on what the occasion has come to represent.

“Sport comes second tonight,” Correia said.

Fans from both countries shared warm embraces outside the stadium. Hours later — in another poignant and powerful moment in the pre-game ceremony — players from both teams stood side by side with their arms linked in front of photographers.

Mathieu De Bruyne, an engineer from Dunkerque, said he had brief doubts about coming to London for the game.

“Maybe for two minutes, I thought to myself, ‘Should I go, should I not go?’ But I had to go. Nothing has changed,” he said. “You have to live like you live normally, go to the game, drink beer in the bar.

“Don’t show you are afraid.”


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Some Lester B. Pearson schools could be on the chopping block

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MONTREAL – Teachers at Verdun Elementary took to the street Tuesday in the latest strike action over ongoing contract negotiations with the provincial government.

But now, it seems they may have another issue to worry about.

With public hearings set to start on the future of the Lester B. Pearson School Board (LBPSB), teachers may soon have to fight for their school’s very existence.

“It’s part of the declining enrolment in English schools,” said Verdun Elementary teacher Christine Krahulec.

“Our school is a big building and part of it is not being used for students.”

The West Island school board was hit with a $3.7 million cut in the last provincial budget.

That kicked off an 18 month consultation project on how to reduce spending – and that means the future of some schools could be on the line.

“It’s a very real thing. It could be closing, it could be merging, it could be re-purposing of buildings,” explained LBPSB chairperson Suanne Stein Day.

Stein Day emphasized that the hearings aren’t just about cuts, but to address the shifting needs of the school board.

“It [enrolment] absolutely goes down by a few hundred students every year,” she said, noting that this has been the pattern for years.

“I think this year was almost 700 students, but in the adult and vocational sectors, our numbers are rising.”

Twenty-three groups are slated to present at the hearings to make the case for why their schools should survive.

Public consultations begin Tuesday night at Verdun Elementary, Wednesday at Westwood High School in Saint-Lazare and Thursday at John Rennie High School in Pointe-Claire.



    Focus Montreal: LBPSB explains protest stance

  • LBPSB librarians devastated about impending job cuts

  • Lester B. Pearson classes cancelled; support staff go on strike


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