Teen in custody after numerous break-ins in La Ronge, Sask.

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One suspect is in custody and RCMP are on the lookout for others involved in numerous break-ins that happened this past weekend. The residential break and enters all took place in La Ronge, Sask.

Several items, including a vehicle, were stolen and some homes were considerably damaged inside.

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RCMP currently have a 13-year-old boy in custody. Due to the provisions of the Youth Criminal Justice Act, his name cannot be released.

The teenager, from Hall Lake, Sask., was scheduled to appear Monday in La Ronge provincial court.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police at 306-425-6730 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

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  • Weapons recovered after vehicle almost hits Saskatoon police cruiser

  • Man charged with committing multiple armed robberies in Saskatoon

  • Man with shotgun reported in Saskatoon but not found


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Autistic brothers set to take to Special Olympics ice rinks by storm

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DIEPPE, N.B.  – The bond between these two autistic brothers is even stronger than the ice where they’re set to compete on next spring.

Brendon Vriesendorp and his brother Adam are both set to represent New Brunswick in on the ice at the 2016 Special Olympics next spring.

Adam says the brothers have been “Very close for a long time. Ever since a kid….so tight.”

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Brendon, the oldest of the two, already won a gold medal in speed skating at the 2012 Special Olympics.

“I am really fast around the corners,” he said.

His younger brother Adam may not be on a pair of skates, but he shows off his skills on the curling rink. He’s excited to get to compete and represent New Brunswick alongside his brother and friend.

“Yes so happy about that,” Adam said.

“It’s a huge confidence builder.”

“Being part of something, them being autistic and everything, it’s really a great feeling,” said their father Dwayne Vriesendorp.

“They support each other all the way through, no matter what happens they are always there for each other.”

Brendon is now 20 and Adam is 18. Their father says growing up with autism was a struggle at times.

“It has been it’s been a rough go.”

He says they’ve been singled out and teased for being different, but that being involved in sports has changed them for the better. Before Adam starting curling around the age of 10, he was barely able to speak.

“He learned to talk through sign language in school and curling helped him socialize.”

Now Adam is throwing stones on the rink and representing his whole province.

“It’s a huge confidence builder being part of the special Olympics. They do an amazing job.” says Dwayne.

He says Adam found his voice on the curling sheet, where he’s becoming kind of a big shot, like his older brother on the skating rink.

“I am a pro at it,” Adam said.

Both brothers say there is no greater honour than to represent their province together.

“I will cheer him on and I am very excited for him and me,” Brendon said.

The national Special Olympics take place in Corner Brook, Newfoundland this coming March.

Dwayne says he won’t be there to cheer on his boys, he knows his two star athletes will shine no matter how they place, as long as they have each other.


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Bison killed near Edmonton, Parks Canada looking for poachers

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EDMONTON – Parks Canada is searching for those responsible for shooting and killing two bison at Elk Island National Park.

The bison were killed near the north entrance of the park on either October 17th or 18th.

One of the animals was then dragged along the highway to a field about 800 metres north of the park, where some of the meat was removed.

Parks Canada said a white Dodge pickup truck with extra grill lights and a rooftop light bar was seen in the area and may have been involved the killings.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact Parks Canada at 1-877-852-3100.

Elk Island National Park is 50 kilometres east of Edmonton.

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It’s estimated that there were once about 60 million bison in North America, but the animals were almost completely wiped out about a century ago when they were hunted for nothing more than their tongues or their horns.

A group of Plains Bison stand on the parkway in Elk Island National Park.

Credit: Parks Canada

At the turn of the last century, the last large herd of wild bison on the Montana plains was bought by the Canadian government and moved to what would become the Elk Island park.

In recent years, bison have been shipped from Elk Island around North America in an effort to restore the animals to the landscape.

With files from

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  • Vehicles hit and kill bison on QEW, 2 more on the loose: OPP

  • 6 Albertans fined more than $71k for multiple poaching offences over 7 years

  • 6 Lethbridge men plead guilty to charges of poaching threatened fish


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Trudeau condemns mosque fire in Peterborough, Ont.

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PETERBOROUGH, Ont. – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau assured Muslim Canadians on Monday that the federal government would work hard to find those responsible for setting fire to a central Ontario mosque in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in Paris.

In a statement, Trudeau said he was “deeply disturbed” by the weekend incident that’s now being investigated as a hate crime by police in Peterborough, Ont.

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Last week’s attacks on Paris that left 129 people dead have shocked peace-loving people everywhere, Trudeau said, adding it’s important for Canadians to understand “that Muslims around the world are also being persecuted regularly by these violent extremists.”

READ MORE: Campaign raises more than $57,000 for mosque ravaged by fire in Peterborough

“We’re in this together,” he said.

“To the families who attend the mosque for prayer every week, the government of Canada and our law enforcement agencies will protect your rights and make every effort to apprehend the perpetrator.”

The Masjid Al-Salaam mosque, located in a quiet residential area of Peterborough, was torched on Saturday night. It’s the only mosque for about 1,000 Muslims who live in the area; about 50 families regularly attend services, as many as 300 on Fridays.

Murray Rodd, chief of police in Peterborough, Ont., told a news conference earlier Monday that any injury to one of the city’s ethnic communities is “an injury to us all.”

“We are treating this as a hate crime,” Rodd said. “The mosque in question is named – quite appropriately – the peace mosque, which fits into what is a very peaceful, very livable community.”

A small stream of passersby stopped at the mosque on Monday to express support or to donate cash for repairs.

READ MORE: Paris attacks prompt Canadian Muslim group to issue warnings of potential backlash

Larry Forsey, of nearby Coboconk, went out of his way to stop by the now-closed Masjid Al-Salaam, where he hugged Kenzu Abdella, the president of the Kawartha Muslim Religious Association, and handed him some cash.

“Two wrongs don’t make a right,” Forsey said afterward. “It’s sad. People are down and they need help, then let’s help them, that’s what Canada is supposed to be all about.”

Crimestoppers says an anonymous donor has put up $10,000 towards a reward for the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the mosque fire.

A crowdfunding initiative has also raised more than $90,000 for repairs, outpacing its target. The blaze  caused about $80,000 in damage, mostly due to smoke.

In Peterborough, Christian and Jewish leaders – as well as community groups – immediately offered to open their facilities for prayers. Congregants will likely pray in a United Church on Friday, said Abdella.

Some faithful used the grass outside the mosque for noon prayers on Monday.

Shazim Khan, the mosque’s imam, expressed dismay at what had happened but called it a random act.

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“This is just an isolated incident,” said Khan, who has lived in the area for the past eight years. “I know this community – the people are loving, caring.”

Dave Garskey, who lives in a bungalow across the street, stopped by to offer the imam help if needed.

“Some idiot probably did it, I don’t know why,” Garskey said after chatting with Khan. “Any sane person wouldn’t do it.”

Abdella said people had been “really amazing” in the wake of the mosque fire but added that Muslims in Canada worry they could be painted with a violent, extremist brush.

“Some people may misunderstand what’s happening in other parts of the world and try to link that with Muslims here,” Abdella said. “That is really unfortunate because any time violence happens in any part of the world, Canadian Muslims like any other Canadians are offended by it and they condemn it.”

Trudeau was among several politicians who issued statements condemning the mosque fire and expressing support for the community.

Maryam Monsef, the minister of democratic institutions and the area’s MP, said the incident didn’t reflect the “warm and generous” community, while Peterborough Mayor Daryl Bennett called the assault on a place of worship a “despicable act.”

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne called the arson “disturbing.”

“It is our responsibility in our own lives and communities to guard against and to resist the blame and generalizations that can lead to racism and hatred.”

Investigators in Kitchener, Ont., meanwhile, are also investigating weekend vandalism at a Hindu temple there.

Dilip Dav, president of the Ram Dham Hindu Temple, said several windows at the rear entrance of the temple were shattered late Sunday night. No one inside was hurt, but they were unable to see who did the damage.


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Donald Trump says he would ‘strongly consider’ closing certain mosques

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NEWARK, N.J. — Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says he would consider closing U.S. mosques with radical leadership because of the Paris attacks if he were elected president.

“I would hate to do it, but it’s something that you’re going to have to strongly consider,” Trump told MSNBC in a phone interview Monday.

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Trump and his rivals have been working to articulate how they would respond to last week’s attacks, which killed 129 people and left hundreds wounded.

READ MORE: Paris attacks deepen Republican opposition to Syrian refugee influx

Trump, who has been pushing for a more aggressive response, also said Americans must reassess some of their civil liberties in response to growing threats from the Islamic State group.

“We have to be much tougher,” he said in another interview on CNBC. “We are going to have to give up certain privileges that we’ve always had.”

“Surveillance took a big turn over the last 48 hours,” he added. “Forty-eight hours ago everybody was saying, ‘Well we want our freedoms, we don’t want this to happen.’ And now, all of sudden, people are saying, ‘Hey listen, you can listen to my phone conversations.’”

That surveillance, he argued, should include intelligence-gathering in and around mosques.

READ MORE: Trump says Paris massacre would have been different if ‘people had guns’

“Well you’re going to have to watch and study the mosques because a lot of talk is going on at the mosques,” said Trump, who complained that New York City, where he lives, has ramped down its efforts to infiltrate places of Muslim worship.

Trump appeared to be referring to the New York Police Department’s Demographics Unit, which The Associated Press reported in 2011 was spying on Muslims and mosques around the city with help from the CIA. The group assembled databases on where Muslims lived, shopped, worked and prayed, infiltrated Muslim student groups, put informants in mosques and monitored sermons.

The NYPD, under Mayor Bill de Blasio, announced it had abandoned the program in April of last year following lawsuits and complaints.

Trump connects Paris Syrian attacker with current refugee crisis


Trump connects Paris Syrian attacker with current refugee crisis


President Obama: This is not just an attack on Paris, it’s an attack on humanity


Ben Carson expresses ‘heartfelt sympathy for the people in Paris’ following shootings, explosions


‘The U.S. stands with France’: John Kerry on Paris attacks

WATCH ABOVE: American politicians react to the attack in Paris

Trump told a weekend rally that things would have turned out differently in Paris had the victims of the attacks been armed with guns. He repeated that assertion in the CNBC phone interview.

“Had there been some guys with a gun, there would have been a shoot-out and probably the primary people that got whacked would have been the killers,” he said. “Had there been other people carrying weapons, you would have had a lot different story, believe me.”

Trump criticized President Barack Obama for not moving earlier to destroy the Islamic State sites that France bombed over the weekend. He said the U.S. should be going more aggressively after the group’s oil and financing and pressing other countries to intensify their fighting against the radicals.

WATCH: Donald Trump talks Obama, Hillary Clinton, Syrian refugees, during rally in Tennessee


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Eiffel Tower lit up in blue, white and red to honour Paris attack victims

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The Eiffel Tower is blue, white, and red tonight, joining several iconic buildings and monuments around the world lit up with the colours of the French flag to honour the victims of the terrorist attacks in Paris.

Buildings like The Sydney Opera House, the One World Trade Center in New York and the CN Tower in Toronto were illuminated in red, white and blue on Friday and through the weekend in tribute to the victims of the attack.

The CN Tower has been lit up in the colours of the French flag in the wake of the Paris attacks.

Global News

The Sydney Opera House lit up in the colours of the French Tricolore in Sydney, New South Wales.


St Mary’s Cathedral as it is illuminated in the colours of the national flag of France, after he conducted a mass in honour of the victims and those affected by the recent Paris attacks, at St Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney, Australia, 16 November 2015.


The Eiffel Tower went dark Saturday night as France mourned the victims of the deadly and coordinated terrorist attacks in Paris Friday night that killed at least 129 people died and injured another 350.

IN PHOTOS: As France mourns, Europe holds moment of silence in honour of Paris victims

The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Across France and throughout Europe on Monday, people paused for a minute’s silence at noon French time in memory of the victims.

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Syrian refugees: Quebec immigration minister says security won’t be compromised

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MONTREAL – Quebec Immigration Minister Kathleen Weil said security won’t be compromised as the province awaits word from the federal government about its plan to accept refugees from Syria in the coming weeks.

Weil told a news conference in Montreal Monday that Quebecers have expressed concerns about security in recent days, but said she’s assured by Ottawa’s claim that proper checks will be done.

“First of all, when they’re in the camps, the United Nations commissioner for refugees does a first evaluation and the federal government takes it from there and does a criminality check and they do a check regarding terrorism,” said Weil.

Weil said the province will do everything it can to ensure that refugees brought into Quebec are legitimate families fleeing violence.

“These are families that are vulnerable, I know the concern is ‘could somebody slip in there?’” she said.

“But the people I’ve met, these are children and teenagers and mothers. Some have lost their husbands, they can be widows, some in a vulnerable state.”

Still, there is a lot of opposition.

Last week, a banner hanging over a Quebec overpass read: “Refugees – no thank you” and a Quebec City man is gaining notoriety for starting an online petition urging the Canadian government to suspend its plan to welcome 25,000 Syrian refugees.

By Monday afternoon, the petition had over 60,000 signatures.

READ MORE: English community shut out of Quebec’s Syrian refugee plan, says LBPSB

The Parti Québécois also came out against the government’s plan and is asking for an emergency debate.

WATCH: Syrian refugees in Quebec

Quebec prepares to welcome Syrian refugees


Quebec prepares to welcome Syrian refugees


English schools shut out of Quebec’s Syrian refugees plan


Quebec announces aid for Syrian refugees in Germany


Quebec wants to welcome more Syrian refugees

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    Quebec prepares to welcome Syrian refugees

  • English community shut out of Quebec’s Syrian refugee plan, says LBPSB

  • Quebec extends aid to Syrian refugees in Germany

“We need to have answers to legitimate questions that have been asked and therefore we should do this in the most appropriate way and this is why we’re proposing to have a debate,” said Pierre Karl Péladeau, the PQ’s leader.

Philippe Couillard‘s Liberal government also said Justin Trudeau’s plan to bring in 25,000 is unrealistic.

“I’m going to be frank, I don’t think it’s possible by the end of the year,” said Weil.

She said Quebec could accept around 5,700 refugees, but she’s waiting for Ottawa to finalize its plans.

READ MORE: Quebec extends aid to Syrian refugees in Germany

The province said it has already previously tripled the number of people it would accept this year to 3,650 and Quebec will seek federal funds to offset the costs of the additional arrivals.

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Disturbing video appears to show 2 police officers beating suspect in San Francisco

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SAN FRANCISCO — Two Northern California sheriff’s deputies seen repeatedly beating a suspected car thief in a video were placed on paid administrative leave on Sunday.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the Alameda County deputies, who were not identified, were placed on leave two days after the release of the video, which launched an internal investigation.

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The video released on YouTube by the San Francisco public defender’s office shows two deputies chasing a man on foot. As the man slows, one deputy tackles him and punches him twice. The second deputy arrives and starts hitting the man with his baton. Soon, both deputies hit him with their batons as he screamed and alternated from laying on the ground and getting on his knees.

Public Defender Jeff Adachi said the video shows excessive force.

“He didn’t pose any threat at that point, and they are clearly using excessive force and trying to seriously hurt him when he was on the ground and subdued,” he said Friday. “I don’t see any reason why he couldn’t be handcuffed and taken into custody.”

Alameda County Sheriff’s spokesman, Sgt. J.D. Nelson, said the deputies believed the suspect, 29-year-old Stanislav Petrov, was armed and possibly on drugs. A gun was later recovered.

Number of People Killed by Police by State in 2015 | FindTheBest

The beating came at the end of a high-speed chase from San Leandro across the bay to San Francisco’s Mission District on Thursday. Authorities accused Petrov of ramming the deputies’ patrol cars, knocking one of the officers down before leading them on the chase.

Petrov was taken to San Francisco General Hospital.

Alameda County Public Defender Brendon Woods, who visited Petrov at the hospital Sunday, told KQED-FM that he suffered several broken bones in both of his hands or arms and multiple lacerations to the back of his head, but was alert and talking.

He said he was horrified by the force depicted in the video.

“I was shocked, outraged and disgusted,” he said. “I counted over 30 baton strikes. I’m not sure what facts would justify that sort of brutal beating.”


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WATCH: Slick conditions cripple area highways

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UPDATE: 9 p.m., Highway 97C is open, again, after a multi-vehicle crash shut down the route 10 km east of Merritt. RCMP are still waiting for a report from investigators at the scene.

The B.C. Ambulance Service says one person was taken by ambulance to hospital.

RCMP shut down roads when there is a possible fatality involved in a crash.

The Coquihalla Highway northbound lanes remain closed until between 12 a.m. and 3 a.m. Nov 17, following a transport crash that required clean-up.

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UPDATE: Around 2:30 p.m., the Okanagan-Connector was closed in both directions east of Merritt due to a vehicle incident. A detour is available via Highway 5A north to Princeton for westbound traffic or the Coquihalla for eastbound traffic. 

The Coquihalla was closed in both directions between Merritt and Hope for several hours on Monday due to a vehicle incident.

The highway partially reopened around 1:30 p.m. with one lane about 40 kilometres south of Merritt. Motorists are being advised to expect delays.

According to Drive B.C., the highway was shut down at Exit 286 at the Coldwater Interchange south of Merritt.

Meanwhile, a material spill has the highway closed at Hope. There is a detour at Hope to Highway 3 or Highway 1.

Another accident at Exit 250 near Larson Hill has caused a lane closure.

Traffic delays on Highway 97 near Larson Hill


A witness to the accident south of Merritt, Adam Camley, told Global Okanagan the crash happened around 10 a.m.

“It was just ice. Just a sheet of ice. I literally left the scene and two minutes out of coming out of the scene, the road was more clear, it was just a really bad section of the highway,” says Camley.

Camley says he was driving through the area near the Coldwater Interchange when he saw several vehicles flip into a ditch and two semi-trucks sliding into each other.

He says some drivers were travelling too fast for the road conditions.

“It was pretty bad. Even when officers were trying to get vehicles out of there, there were people just hauling and still doing 80 to 100 to 120 kilometres per hour,” says Camley.

RCMP are on scene and say the highway will be closed for most of the day.

While there are several spun out vehicles on the highway, no serious injuries have been reported.

Environment Canada says close to 50 centimetres of snow has fallen on the Coquihalla since Friday afternoon.

Another 15 to 25 centimetres is expected Monday night mixed with rain Tuesday morning.

More snow is expected Tuesday afternoon and evening.

~ With files from Jordan Armstrong

The Coquihalla Highway is closed in both directions south of Merritt due to a vehicle incident.

Adam Camley

The Coquihalla Highway is closed in both directions south of Merritt due to a vehicle incident.

Adam Camley

The Coquihalla Highway is closed in both directions south of Merritt due to a vehicle incident.

Adam Camley

The Coquihalla Highway is closed in both directions south of Merritt due to a vehicle incident.

Adam Camley

The Coquihalla Highway is closed in both directions south of Merritt due to a vehicle incident.

Adam Camley

The Coquihalla Highway is closed in both directions south of Merritt due to a vehicle incident.

Adam Camley

The Coquihalla Highway is closed in both directions south of Merritt due to a vehicle incident.

Adam Camley

The Coquihalla Highway is closed in both directions south of Merritt due to a vehicle incident.

Adam Camley

The Coquihalla Highway south of Merritt was closed in both directions for a couple of hours on Monday due to a vehicle incident.

Adam Camley

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Tory wants Canada to maintain commitment to Syrian refugees

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TORONTO —; Mayor John Tory wants to see Canada maintain its commitment to bring Syrian refugees into the country.

“I think it’s a contribution on a global scale to these kind of humanitarian crises,” Tory said Monday morning, adding that the process should be done carefully.

“I would hope that we would place a premium … on doing things right and carefully, as opposed to being dually concerned on political promises.”

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READ MORE: Trudeau wants 25,000 more Syrian refugees in Canada by Jan. 1. Not realistic, say advocates

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been vocal in his promise to bring 25,000 Syrian refugees to Canada.

But the Paris attacks have left some feeling anxious about mass Syrian immigration, particularly after one of the attackers involved was identified with having a Syrian passport close to his body.

The Greek government confirmed the man entered Leros in October as one of the thousands of people fleeing Syria.

READ MORE: Frenchman and man with Syrian passport among attackers in Paris

“These people who perpetrated these acts represent no one,” Tory said.

“I am giving leeway to the government to say to the people of Canada, that they have done this the right way and have this done in a way that is careful in safe guarding our interests. At the same time, doing what we believe should be done in a humanitarian effort to help some of these people re-establish themselves and get away from the trauma they have experienced.”

The city has recently put in place a program aimed at helping transition refugees coming into the city.

READ MORE: Open doors to Syrian refugees, Cressy urges city council

Councillor Joe Cressy told Global News on Friday that an interagency team for the resettlement program has been put in place to help refugees.

“As a city, because we moved quickly and proactively, we are now ready to respond to the increased number of refugees who are going to be coming to Toronto soon,” Cressy said.


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