Stephen Colbert honours France in tribute, lays into ISIS

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Stephen Colbert paid tribute to France Monday night on The Late Show and honoured the victims of the terrorist attacks.

Colbert opted out of his usual stand-up monologue and decided to deliver his opening remarks while sitting at his desk.

“I wanted to start my show tonight by once again offering our thoughts and prayers to the people of Paris,” Colbert said. “New York is a city that sadly knows too well of the horror the French experienced on Friday.

“We also know there are no words that can reach the depth of their grief and their shock,” Colbert said. “But we stand with the people of France as a friend and an ally and offer the hope there is a way through the unspeakable tragedy.”

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Colbert then began to list and thanked France for what the country has given the U.S. throughout history, including “key intelligence on how to put potatoes in boiling oil” and his “favourite way of kissing.”

“Most importantly France gave America our enduring symbol of freedom,” Colbert said, referring to the Statue of Liberty.

Monday’s show was the first time Colbert could speak at length about the tragedy in Pairs. On Friday, The Late Show added a 30-second remark on to the show, which had already been pre-recorded, to comment on the attacks.

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Towards the end of his monologue on Monday night, Colbert joked about almost cancelling one of his guests but opted not to because ISIS wouldn’t like the guest.

“Tonight I have Acro Cats on the show…they’re amazing acrobatic cats. They were already booked,” Colbert said. “We asked ourselves ‘Is tonight and appropriate time for Acro Cats?’ Then we asked a bigger question, ‘Is there ever an appropriate time for Acro Cats?’” Colbert said.

“No there is not! So we said, absolutely, let’s have them on. Because I’ll tell you what, I don’t think ISIS would like Acro Cats. I don’t. They’re cute and they’re silly, two things ISIS hates. In fact, the only thing they have in common with ISIS, is that they’re a bunch of pussies.”


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