Tips for getting your kids to sleep

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SASKATOON – It may be called Sleep Well Baby, but the Saskatoon company is all about helping you develop a strong sleep routine for you and your family no matter the age range. Founder and president Amanda Hudye says that sleep is an essential part of safety in our day to day life.

“When we’re well slept our cognitive abilities are high, and we are able to deal and focus and thrive in our life.”

Dealing with the toddler who won’t stay in bed:



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Hudye says that sometimes the reason a toddler isn’t falling to sleep is that they are already over tired.

“We know that when kids are sleep deprived we are dealing with those nighttime battles; bedtime taking one to two hours and then multiple night-wakings with kids getting out of bed.”

Her recommendation to smooth the bedtime struggle is to create a routine that will respond to all of your toddlers needs before bed.

“If they are still getting up in the middle of the night, we want to return them very silently. Keep the interaction to zero.”

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Dealing with the bedwetting

“We don’t want them to be stressed over this,” Hudye said,  adding that talking to your children about how the bladder works is an important part of helping overcome bedwetting.

Other tips to make the nights easier:

Make a trip to the bathroom part of the nighttime routineLimit liquids before bedBe prepared with disposable bed mats and clean sheets

Dealing with teenagers sleep patterns

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In the teenage years there is a shift in our natural sleep rhythm, and suddenly teens are not tired until much later.

Hudye says that one of the biggest problems for teen sleep is technology. “A lot of them are going to bed with their cellphones and not getting that restorative sleep.”

She recommends making a household rule to keep tech out of the bedroom, so that the whole family can maximize their sleeping time. Also, if your teen showers the night before they are then able to sleep in a bit more before needing to start their day.


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