Tory wants Canada to maintain commitment to Syrian refugees

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TORONTO —; Mayor John Tory wants to see Canada maintain its commitment to bring Syrian refugees into the country.

“I think it’s a contribution on a global scale to these kind of humanitarian crises,” Tory said Monday morning, adding that the process should be done carefully.

“I would hope that we would place a premium … on doing things right and carefully, as opposed to being dually concerned on political promises.”


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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been vocal in his promise to bring 25,000 Syrian refugees to Canada.

But the Paris attacks have left some feeling anxious about mass Syrian immigration, particularly after one of the attackers involved was identified with having a Syrian passport close to his body.

The Greek government confirmed the man entered Leros in October as one of the thousands of people fleeing Syria.

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“These people who perpetrated these acts represent no one,” Tory said.

“I am giving leeway to the government to say to the people of Canada, that they have done this the right way and have this done in a way that is careful in safe guarding our interests. At the same time, doing what we believe should be done in a humanitarian effort to help some of these people re-establish themselves and get away from the trauma they have experienced.”

The city has recently put in place a program aimed at helping transition refugees coming into the city.

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Councillor Joe Cressy told Global News on Friday that an interagency team for the resettlement program has been put in place to help refugees.

“As a city, because we moved quickly and proactively, we are now ready to respond to the increased number of refugees who are going to be coming to Toronto soon,” Cressy said.


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